Carpet Bag Replicas

...just want to let you know my bag arrived today, it is utterly beautiful, and I am thrilled with it!
Not only is it beautiful, it's so strong, and I love the way its opening kind of 'snaps' with such solidity.  All the details, the stitched leather handles, the buckle, and the astonishingly well-made lining, are just top class.
Thank you so much.  Don't be surprised if I order more in the future
Congratulations on such a great job, and for having the inspiration to revive such an awesome style of bag.  You made my day. Sandy 
PS: Elaine, I agree with you about the fabric.  It's way more beautiful than in the pictures. 

Just wanted to say I just received by bag this morning , and it is just beautiful.
 It's grand!    Much more handsome in person.     Grace



 I just received the carpet bag this morning.  It is perfect, and I am dee-lighted with it.

 Thanks, Phil

I received the bag today and I have to tell you it far exceeded my expectations and I was fully expecting beautiful, masterfully hand-crafted bag!!Your attention to detail and craftsmanship is truly
beyond comparison.Thank you so much for my gorgeous bag! I'm going to start
saving my pennies for the next one!              Gina 


My bag just arrived now.

My bag just arrived now.  It is absolutely stunning  !!! Thank you so very much

  your work is brilliant.  I’ll be sure to pass on your website address to all I know.



I have just taken delivery of my carpet bag.  Being in Melbourne, Australia I was hesitant in ordering something that I had not seen but I am so glad I did.  It is beautiful, the materials and workmanship are top class and I truly love it.  I will certainly be recommending your bags to people in Australia.Many thanks        Jane 
The carpet bag arrived last Thursday, 5 days before the birthday of my wife.
The bag is very beautiful. My son saw it and he said : "Too much" (Trop beau)
He would like that we exchange our presents so that it is him who offers it to mom.
 He is 12 years old. THANK YOU for everything.      Josselin
I just received the bag -- it is absolutely  beautiful and you should be extremely proud of the workmanship and attention to detail.  I am glad that I found you on the internet
and I am sure that my wife will love it.                Roland


   I received the bag yesterday and it is just beautiful and everything my
daughter has described.  Thanks so much!!          Jan
  I received this beautiful and upmarket bag, just in time before Xmas :
My girlfriend will be pretty excited about it since she wanted such a bag for a
 long time. I wish you a peaceful and a very merry Xmas.         Sebastian


Elaine – Thanks for getting this resolved for us. I could not be happier with the quality and craftsmanship and beauty of the Italian Aubusson tapestry carpetbag – the price was a bargain, you have incredibly great
customer service, and the quality was 200% better than I expected !!!!!

I just wanted you to know that the bag did get here on time and it is beautiful! It was the perfect gift. Thank you so much for making sure it got here on time and for doing
such a fantastic job crafting it! On Christmas morning it was the only gift under
the tree addressed to my daughter. Inside I placed tickets to NYC to see the
musical Mary Poppins. It's been a dream of hers for a long time. Thanks
 so much for being an important part of that. The bag is an instant
 treasure she will carry and favor forever.  Tina


My persimmon carpet bag arrived safely in today's mail.  It is beautiful!  Far more sumptuous and substantial than the photo on your website indicated.  This is a
 treasure I will enjoy for years to come and probably pass on to my daughter.
  It is a rainy day here in Philadelphia.  I just spent a few moments
looking at all of the bags on your website again.  I'm going
to tell friends where to find your handiwork.  Georgia
The fabric is very nice. Can't wait to show it off to all my friends. You do
amazing work .  
I finally arrived home to find your beautifully constructed and wonderfully practical carpet bag waiting for me.I look forward to using this attractive carrier
extensively on my frequent travels.

I forgot to tell you the carpetbag arrived last week in perfect conditions. The impact on my girl was astonishing, in words of her: "¡Qué preciosidad! (This is awesome!!) Now, the finish is perfect. The crafting is beyond what one could hope, even after having a look at your web. Top quality I mean, and it's no flattery :)   Alejo
The bag arrived today as promised. I love it!  It's everything I hoped it would be.  Magnificent !!!!!! I think I want to order another, the wine, teal, and
 purple bag at $200.
does it have to be made first?
Kathryn in Haddonfield, NJ

 The bag is beautiful! Thank-you so much. Seems quite a few here may be interested.
                                  Hope I can send more business your way !thanks again,Leslie
I just wanted to let you know that I received my bag today and absolutely LOVE IT! 
The quality is wonderful and the materials and texture are just
Thank you so  much.  Jennifer
Just received my bag CBR-424. OMG your photos do not do your bags justice.
It is absolutely gorgeous!  Thank you so much.  Meg in   NY
I just received my bag today. It is FANTASTIC. You do AMAZING work and I'm
very pleased to have purchased this.  Ray
I just opened the box on my new carpet bag and I am truly pleased. Thank you so much for your creation. It will be put to good use. I work on the road 10 months of the year and for the last 8 years I've been living out of a carpet bag. Needless to say, it
 finally came apart. I was fretting that I would not find a replacement and now
 I can fling the old aside and move into this PERFECT bag.  Thanks again
Starr,  Santa Barbara
I LOVE the carpet bag.Thank you. I started using it yesterday.!
I am just starting out as a therapist for foster children and I wanted
 something Mary Poppins that I can have all kinds of things like paints, clays,
 note pads, simple games, ans such that I can have with me so if one thing doesn't work, something else will.  This is so perfect !     Heather ,Sacramento
Thank you so much.....we are 3 sisters in our fifties and we will each
have one of your beautiful carpet bags.   Linda

I received my carpet bag today. I absolutely LOVE it. You are a rare artist who cares about the quality of your art. I consider my bags ( I have 2 of yours) to be functional art. I really use my bags often and it is the ONLY piece of luggage I carry. I can fit 10 days of clothing plus toiletries and a huge bag of medicines in my one bag. I never check it in baggage and it functions so well for me. I go to Arkansas every year for the status of my illness and I carry your bag with me. I didn’t think that I would still be alive but God is good. I have inquired about the availability of the Hummingbird Roses and Hydrangeas tapestry to hold onto for a couple of months made with the cotton canvas duck as you did for the new bag you made me. (The map bag is for my son who is going to graduate with a political science major…to let him know the world is his now ). I fell in love with the hummingbird fabric and as I know you usually buy ends of bolts I just wanted to know if you had enough to save for me. Thank you again for such beautiful work. I know we are not supposed to attach ourselves to material things but I do cherish your work and I take care of my things so they will be handed down to my son who will one day have a wife and I have high hopes that they will be cherished by them too.                     Thanks again. Alice
I wanted to thank you for the bag. It is absolutely gorgeous, the quality of workmanship is exceptional, and the most important consideration - my wife loves it.
It should last a lifetime. Stephen
Just a note to say that I have received the bag here in Australia and it is beautiful!Thank you kindly for everything. Louise, Western Australia