Carpet Bag Replicas

  •  Carpet Bag Replicas has been in business since 1999.
  •   We pioneered the use of the 18 inch spring-loaded
  •  steel frame used in our carpet bag.
  • Our bags are totally handmade in the United States using American labor.
  •   We are located in Mint Hill, North Carolina.
  •   The cutting pattern for our carpet bags was hand developed by us over a period of 1-2 years using trial and error research and development.
  •   Currently, we only sell our bags through our website.


  Coming from a family that passed their quilts on to the next generation, it didn't take long to see the relationship
between art, creativity,and good craftsmanship.
Those were the elements that eventually
led to the business of making
carpet bags.
Fast forward to 1999 where Margaret Elaine is watching a
Civil War re-enactment. 
Not being the least bit
interested in who won which battle,
cooking outdoors over a camp fire,
or any other discomfort, she
focused upon the

They were interesting but there were 
no carpet bags there.
Being a strong believer in utilitarian art, she viewed the
 stagecoach/carpet bag as a beautiful piece of art
 needing to be reinvented to fit into modern
 society. A fabric suitcase. A collapsible
 briefcase. Even a bag that 
would open itself!
The goal was to make a beautiful bag and make it a functioning member of society. Beauty was easy. Function was not.
There were no patterns
 anywhere for a curved
frame carpet bag. Apparently there were
no old carpet bags stored
away in someone's
trunk either.

Frankly my dear,
we couldn't even find a human who
had ever seen one.
E bay was still just a baby and
not a very good research tool in 1999. 
Once every few months 
a real live antique carpetbag
with the
doctor's bag frame might
 appear online.

Finally an antique dealer came up with an early 1900's 
doctor's bag made from 
We now had a tangible
source we could study.

  After making many different cutting patterns and many different bags, we at Carpet Bag Replicas settled on the  bag that we sell today. Every detail of this bag has been
examined and re-examined.

  As an example, the bottom of this bag has a hardboard insert
hidden within 
the tapestry. No one will ever see this
but we rounded its corners so the
will not wear in the corners. 
We guarantee to impress you !